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Fresh Meat Selections

At Osogood, we take great pride in our selection of freshly-prepared sausages, deli and smoked meats and prime cuts of beef and pork.


Osogood carries a variety of European style sausages made by old world recepies. Most of them are filler free and do not contain any gluten. The sausages have no artificial colours or artificial smoke. We pride ourselves in using all natural wood smoke because it gives us a distinct and delicious flavour.



All of the cold cuts are gluten and filler free. They are made using only natural smoke and we pride ourselves that we blend our own spices. We truly believe that in order to provide a high quality product all the necessary ingredients must also be of exceptional standards. All of the ingredients are picked based on origin, colour, taste and aroma and give Osogood a superior product.


Smoked Meats

The smoked products at Osogood are made the traditional European way. They are salted for 14 days using only sea salt and are smoked in real hardwood. Our dry cured products are now made using leaner cuts of pork to follow the trends our consumers. This gives the products the same great taste while giving our customers a healthier alternative.


Fresh Beef

All of our beef is raised on local Ontario farms. The Osogood difference is that all of the beef is freshly cut and cut to order. We use only A or AA quality drug free beef. Our beef is hung and aged 14 days and purchased from Norwich Packers. We strictly believe that the corn fed beef provides the tenderness and flavour that will keep our customers coming back over and over again.


Fresh Pork

At Osogood we pride ourselves in providing the freshest cuts of pork to our customers. It’s delivered to us on a daily basis. We only deal with family producers that deal with local family farms. All of our fresh pork is drug free and we provide a quality product for a reasonable price.